ideskeleton’s documentation

This projects allows you to creat the needed files of some IDE’s such as Visual Studio in order to work with a Python project located in a plane folder structure.


It is common practice in Python open source projects not relying on any IDE. This tool allows you to have a clean folder structure that can be shared in GIT repositories while being able to work with your favorite IDE in your workstation.


pip install ideskeleton

Basic usage

You can execute the package from the command line:

python -m ideskeleton -f your-full-path

This will generate all needed files such as solution and project files for the Visual Studio case.

Off course, you can also import the package and customize the behavior as desired:

from ideskeleton import builder"your_path", overwrite=True, ide="vstudio")

For normal use, all you have to do:

import ideskeleton

This will import:

  • The build() that allows to build the files needed for IDE

Command line options

In order to build the IDE files from command line you just type:

python -m ideskeleton [-h] [-f] [-i {vstudio}] source_path
positional arguments:
source_path: path of the folder structure used to generate the IDE skeleton
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f, --force force overwrite existing solution and project files
-i, --ide choose IDE {vstudio}

builder module

Traverse source_path folder structure and writes required IDE files.

  • source_path – relative or full path of python code
  • overwrite – it will overwrite existing solution and project files
  • ide – {“vstudio”, None}

The resulting files are written to disk.

ideprocesses module

Specific functions to process folder structures for distinct IDE’s.

ideskeleton.ideprocesses.vstudio_read(level, root, dirs, files)

Process function for visual studio IDE.

ideskeleton.ideprocesses.vstudio_write(actions, path, overwrite=False)

Process actions and write required IDE files to disk.

Important notes

Just Visual Studio is supported so far, although adding new IDE’s is pretty easy.

A number of opinionated conventions are enforced:

  • .gitignore file is used to decide which files to consider
  • Just *.py files are added with compile action.
  • Any not ignored folder in the first level is added as a python project.
  • Any not ignored folder in higher than first level are added as project folder.

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